What’s “The Next 30 Trips” All About?

It’s about navigating the next 30 years of life, whether you’re 20, already 30, or somewhere beyond. More, it’s an evolving exploration of purpose and career outside of the typical path, and the typical norms.

By the time I was thirty, I’d lived a lot of the early dreams I thought I had: I’d launched rockets, worked on landing them at sea, and found myself totally burnt out with no joy. That’s how I started my next 30 trips around the sun, with the intention to live a more present and authentic life. From learning to slow down, to finding the real motivations behind what drives us, to learning to do really hard things the best we can, this newsletter seeks to explore the interfaces and edges of what makes up our lives so we might best pursue our authentic paths.

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Subscribing will also get you a first look at my other projects, such as rough chapters from my book-in-progress The First 30 Trips, which explores growing up as a bush pilot in Alaska before going on to work on the front edge of the New Space race.

This will include audio readings from the book, discussions with fellow Pad Rats who lived the adventures alongside, interviews with cool people forging their own paths, and more!

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Exploring how to do hard things well and taking new paths after the linear life failed. Writing about building business, family, and community, in calm ways while rejecting hustle culture.


I am an exited bootstrap entrepreneur, an early SpaceX alum, & a writer. I love exploring how we build challenging things while caring for ourselves. Put another way, I've seen enough of hustle culture, and I believe another way is possible. He/Him.