Elon is now apparently claiming that debris from the destruction of the pad was not the cause of damage to the rockets.

I am deeply curious if this is just him trying to cover for the call to launch the rockets despite risk to platform, or if it represents even more issues if there was unrelated explosive engine failure.

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SpaceX can straighten out the Starship project by making a few modifications.

The KSC Starship launch facility should be modified.

The OLM and OLIT should be relocated to 500 meters off the shore at KSC in ocean water 15 meters deep.

A bridge that's 500 meters long should be built to connect the KSC road system to the OLIT.

These are simple marine engineering projects.

SPMTs would transport the two Starship stages to the OLIT.

The chopsticks would stack the two stages on the OLM in the usual way.

Modified LNG tanker ships with 50,000t (metric ton) cargo capacity would be used to transport methalox and liquid nitrogen to the OLM. This is enough for 6 or 7 Starship launches.

These LNG tankers function as a floating tank farm.

This is the best way to ensure that KSC can support three Starship launches per day, which is Elon's requirement.

I think that this new and improved KSC Starship launch facility could be operational in 18 months.

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